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Mount Davidson Manor

110 Pinehurst Way, San Francisco, CA 94122

The Full Story

This is our original Little Robles location that sits in a beautiful 1920's single family home in the quiet neighborhood of Mount Davidson Manor. We are convenient to public transportation, including the K/T Muni line. The school occupies the bottom floor of the home with plenty of sunlight and bright cheery walls. There are plenty of activity areas for children to explore and learn, including a:

  • Sensory exploration center

  • Dramatic play area to unleash children's imagination

  • Quiet, cozy reading area

  • Fun area to encourage children's natural ability to build and explore shapes and textures.


The school has been thoughtfully laid out and decorated to provide a safe, peaceful setting with plenty of toys, books, crayons, blocks, and other inspiring invitations to explore. Each child is provided with his or her own comfortable cot for nap time.


Little Robles students enjoy supervised outdoor play time in our spacious backyard or Aptos Park, which is just around the corner from the school.

San Francisco offers rich cultural and natural environments for our children to explore. We believe in the importance of nurturing responsible, compassionate citizens and that effort should start at a young age. Cultural diversity, kindness towards others, and social justice are woven into everything we do at Little Robles.

Our Teachers

Our teachers have received training through both the classroom and hands-on experience on how best to provide social emotional education to children from ages 12 months to 5 years. All of our teachers have:

  • Pediatric CPR Certification

  • Pediatric First Aid Certification

  • Incidental Medical Services Training

  • Disaster Planning & Fire Safety Training

  • Food Safety Training

  • Early Childhood Education Credits

At Little Robles we believe and support continued education efforts for all of our team members. We assist with their participation in professional development courses.

The Basics


             12 months to 5 years


            8:30am - 4:30pm



                3, 4, & 5 days per week

                Pay Schedules


                 Potty Training
                 Not required

English & Spanish


                  Background Check

                  Bilingual, Inclusive
                  Reggio Inspired


                       Mon.- Fri.

              1:3- Provider to children

     2 per day

                Subsidized Care
Yes, accepts ELS vouchers



Little Robles offers mostly organic food for snacks. We also offer extended care until 4:30pm for an extra fee.                 

Schedule & Calendar

Little Robles follows San Francisco Unified School District's academic calendar for most holidays and breaks. Three floating PTO days are included in each calendar year for unexpected school closures. We also follow SFUSD's lead for any unexpected/emergency school closures (i.e. poor air quality closures due to fires, earthquake closures, etc.)

Schedule of a Typical Day

8:30 am                       Children arrive and settle in/ Free play time

9:45 am                       Morning circle

10:00 am                     Morning snack

10:15 am                      Outdoor play/ Neighborhood exploration

11:15 am                       Moring project

11:45 am                      Personal hygiene/ Meal prep

12:00 pm                     Lunch

12:30 pm                     Nap time/ Quiet time

2:45 pm                      Afternoon snack

3:00 pm                      First dismissal/ Free play for extended care

4:30 pm                      Second dismissal/ Free play for extended care


2023 - 2024 Calendar

May 29                       Memorial Day

June 19                       Juneteenth

July 3-31                     Summer Break

August 17-18               Teacher Development Days

August 21                    First day of new school year

September 4              Labor Day

October 9                   Indigenous People's Day

November 10             Veteran's Day

November 20-24       Thanksgiving Break

Dec 22-Jan 5             Winter Break

January 15                 Martin Luther King Jr. Day


12mths- 18mths

3 Days                    $2,000

4 Days                    $2,400

5 Days                    $2,600

3 Days                    $1,800

4 Days                    $2,250

5 Days                    $2,500

18mths- 2.5yrs

3 Days                    $1,800

4 Days                    $2,160

 5 Days                    $2,400


Listed prices do not include extended care fees. 

                                            Second Dismissal (4:30 pm): +$150                                             

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