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Watch Us Grow

Little Robles is opening a new location in the Sunset District


After six years, our in-home  preschool   is   expanding to serve more children.

Hi, I'm Kristina Gonzalez, owner, and director of Little Robles Bilingual Preschool. At Little Robles, children learn through play in a nurturing and safe environment. My team and I are committed to providing quality education that prepares each child for their academic future and to be healthy, whole-hearted, and active members of their community. 

Here's a little bit about us

Our Mission

Little Robles’ name comes from the Spanish word for oak tree, robles. Like the resilient, strong oak tree, our mission is to promote children's inner strengths, ability to learn, and potential to be well-rounded members of their communities.

Our Curriculum

We offer Spanish bilingual education through targeted projects, art, dramatic play, music, outdoor play, and collaboration. Monthly themes promote the child’s inner drive to learn and explore their environments.

Our New Location

The new center will be located at 1319 20th Avenue in the Sunset District. We will be open from 8:30 am - 5 pm Monday through Friday offering five, four, and three-day enrollment options with full and subsidized tuition plans

For more information about our current location, visit us here.

Want to learn more?
Fill out your information here and we will contact you for a tour!

New Growth
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