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Hola y Bienvenidos!

Little Robles is an inclusive  Spanish bilingual preschool located in San Francisco. We currently have two locations to choose from.

What makes Little Robles unique?

Our mission is to provide quality childcare and preschool bilingual education that promotes the healthy growth of the whole child: mind, body, and spirit. 


At Little Robles, we believe that each child is unique and deserves access to quality education that not only prepares them for their academic future, but also prepares them to be healthy, whole-hearted, and active members of their community.






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What is a roble?

Our name, Little Robles, comes from the Spanish word "roble" which means oak tree. Like the strong and resilient oak tree, Little Robles strives to promote children’s inner power and strength to help them overcome challenges, become more independent, and be prepared for their entrance into kindergarten.


Children will be ready to continue their lifelong love for learning with the solid social-emotional and academic foundation that Little Robles provides.

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Our Philosophy


Learning. Caring. Growing.

Our mission is to provide quality childcare and preschool bilingual education that promotes the healthy growth of the whole child: mind, body, and spirit. At Little Robles, we believe that play is vital to a child's development. It is how they learn to socialize, communicate, and take calculated risks. It is also how children heal from adversity and process difficult situations or feelings they are experiencing.


At Little Robles, children will be able to use play to learn, explore their environments, and develop into well-rounded community members.

Parent involvement is a core value at Little Robles.


Parents are invited to spend time with us, see what their children are learning, and to share with us what is important to their families. Little Robles knows that supporting children in our community means also supporting parents during what may be the most complex and trying time in their child’s development.


Little Robles also offers parenting workshops, support groups, and mental health support from a therapist.

Our Curriculum

We offer Spanish bilingual education through targeted projects, art, dramatic play, music, outdoor play, and collaboration. Monthly themes promote the child’s inner drive to learn and explore their environments.

 We've received training through both the classroom and hands-on experience on how best to provide social emotional education to children from ages 12 months to 5 years. Our school gives parents access to the both Wonderschool and Brightwheel apps to make payments, communicate with our teaching staff, and to just make things easy for our parents.


Social Emotional Learning

At Little Robles we know that kindergarten readiness begins with a solid social emotional foundation. Little Robles' director is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist that has put social emotional learning at the forefront of everything we do at Little Robles. Children learn how to express all of their big feelings, cooperate with one another during difficult interactions, and use different techniques to self-regulate.


We do this through providing words for the emotions we see, modeling appropriate ways to express feelings and needs, and using mindfulness techniques throughout the day.

Parent Involvement

We love parent involvement! Although not required, parents are welcomed to volunteer for projects and field trips or lead us in celebrations that are special to their family. We ask that you let the staff know when you would like to volunteer to help in the classroom. Otherwise, parents can drop in at any time to see their children.

We share daily activity reports with parents to let them know what has happened during school each day. We also send a weekly digest of pictures for each child and a monthly newsletter with all of the information about what we've been learning at school. Parents are encouraged to let the staff know of family situations and activities that may impact their child's behavior at school.

Little Robles also offers special workshops throughout the school year that focus on strengthening the parent/child relationship and managing behaviors.

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